Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Bit of a mishap today. I got to work to discover we had a staff meeting after school finished which meant I couldn't meet the sparkie with hubby. Arrghhh!!!! I wasn't able ring hubby until break time. As expected, hubby didn't take it well and wasn't willing to meet the sparkie without me there incase he forgot anything. BUT by lunchtime luckily he'd had a change of heart. We had a quick think over the phone and revised what we needed to check with the sparkie. Mostly it was just about making sure he stuck to what was on the actual electrical plan this time.

phew. Of course here I sit at home now. Dh is off at soccer training with our youngest where there is no mobile signal so we can't talk. It's in a complete black spot. Work is almost as bad as I've only found 2 places where I can get a signal. From what everyone at work tells me it wouldn't matter who my phone company was either.
I popped to the house before coming home and on checking all the doors found the laundry door unlocked. Had to go in for a look of course and lock the door afterwards. ( just checking to make sure all is "a ok" of course)Our oven is in and looks great!. That's protective paper around the oven door. I am very excited to think we will soon have a separate grill again. The tiny halogen downlight over the oven bench is in and so are all the normal exhausts for the loo and stove. No flash range hood for us unfortunately. I couldn't talk hubby into one. All the standard light fittings, power points and tv points are installed. The outside weather proof fittings are there too. Ugly white. but never mind.

Anyway have arrived home to a note from Hubby to say he'd sorted out the positions for our downlights, discussed the ixl positions, basically checked everything. but was worried the power points weren't the right ones as he'd forgotten about that and we had forgotten to discuss it. BUT I checked. They are the right ones. I think. So all ok. IXL's and the kitchen and front hallway downlights will be going in on Monday and the it's pretty much all done. Power box isn't finished off yet though. So I guess that's either a Monday task or maybe later on as the painters haven't put the cover back on the power box yet.

This lovely blurry shot shows how horrible the power points look against the tiles. We've got clipsal power points. I am going to be angling to swap all the points that are on the black tile switched after handover. We got clipsal points and switches because an electrician had advised us they were better quality than the "other brand' that was the builders basic standard. I was quite pleased about this because it meant you could switch the face plate on them BUT I've just realised it doesn't change the actual switch colour. Hmm black face plates with white switches sounds terrible. Hopefully when we can afford to get a sparkie in to add some nice light fittings than the basic "chinamen hats" we can get these swapped over to a nice switch as well. A basic black one would be fine.

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