Monday, March 23, 2009

I had to go for a look tonight. Can't get in but I could see the laundry tub box has been moved into the family room and is empty of tub. So I guess ours is in too. :) Looks like the plumber is very busy as there are bits and pieces on and under a trestle table set up in the same room. And a jumper ( hot work?) and a camping chair for smoko?
Sink is missing from the kitchen cupboards atm so I'm guessing he's working on the plumbing. And our tiles have arrived. At least i think nearly all of them I can't see enough tiles for our kitchen but it looks like the rest have arrived.There's only a small box and about 1/2-3/4 of an open set there and we are having 300 mm of tile height in the kitchen for at least 7 m. No way what's there can be all of them. Fingers crossed some more are due to arrive for the kitchen and not that they weren't ordered correctly as they had €to come from the UK>. Maybe some aren't so obvious and are inside another box. ( says hopefully) Looks like that spare caroma box had all the plumbing fittings in it so was just a recycled box.
Someone has also trimmed around the edges on the temp top cupboard wood in the kitchen. I guess this becomes a template for the granite.

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