Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Feeling very excited. Dashed up to the house just after 5 to have a peek through the windows and take some shots. Found my way inside. So I have some inside shots as well. Had to rush though so excuse the poor quality. All our cabinets have been installed. :)

Pot drawers and oven, stove top cutouts.

Long length of bench. I think we have slightly less bench space on this side than our last house. ( about 2 cupboards worth. But we've gained pot drawers next to the oven so only down 1 drawer or so.
Cutlery drawer close up showing the nickle handles.

Ensuite cabinet close up.

Ensuite cabinet from a distance. Basins are china basins.
Main bathroom cabinet closeup.

Ceilings are completed and cornices are still to go
This shows the gap between the ceilings and the plastered walls.

Towards the kitchen.
Looking towards our boys rooms. You can see the manhole is still to be covered.
Games room.
. These are our cornices. Just the standard basic ones.

Our bedroom.

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BelleBeau said...

Wow, your kitchen is looking great! Love those handles.