Thursday, September 20, 2012

Busy , busy, busy,

Just adding a few photos to show what we've been up to and what's happening around the place.
Yesterday they started ripping up some of the fruit trees in the orchard behind us. Hoping they are just removing unproductive trees and it's not a sign that more will go.  It looks so bare near our fence now.
 We have 6 native orchid spikes in the garden that I've spotted so far.  Last year I found 3. They were really hard  to get a good photo of as they close as soon as there was any shadowing.  Below this shot are photos from last year.

G has been busy doing more paving.

Wattle the dog has become a dad. His first stud duties a success. This is him overseeing G doing some paving. Investigating under a grasstree and with his name sake, a wattle bush..
 On the weekend we went down to visit the puppies.  There are 6 of them. 3 boys and 3 girls. They were 4 weeks old.

You can get more information about them here: Wattle's Breeder.

  The weather is becoming quite lovely during the day.
Still coolish at night and some rain  but sunny and pleasant during the day.


Unknown said...

Sounds like you're a few years ahead of where we're hoping to be! Are you based in WA? We're in QLD and plotting an escape from Brisbane currently. Looks as dry where you are as around here, maybe more so - didn't even think that was possible!

kexkez said...

HI Edwina. Yes WA. We have no real regrets about moving out of the city , although there is one looming. Eldest has changed his mind about what he wants to do next year for University and it looks like he will be heading back to the city for a good few years. Not something we expected as until 6 months ago the career he wanted was one he could study at a local Uni. Looks like some very expensive years ahead of us yet.