Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Driveway Stage 1

Finally  a driveway.  We decided to go with findings/tailings/roadbase for our driveway.  It's cheap, works for a semi rural in town type block and  given the size we eventually want  as driveway and parking area, is the most practical option.

Stage one is the section that we currently park on and which leads up to the garage. It's been done with a really fine grade that should compact down very hard.  It's finer that the coarse builders  pad  sand.
Stage two will give us  an additional parking area and will be done with bigger/chunkier road base- ( like bluemetal)
There might be a stage three. We are considering  putting it down as a  ground surface behind the house on the laundry side with  pavers for pathways only.

  Findings being spread.

  Up close.

      This area where the ute is parked will be stage two.

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