Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Trying to distract myself this morning.

Had some terrible news about our water pressure yesterday from the guy who came to do the reticulation quote.  It seems as it is a.t.m. we can't have pop up sprinklers in our lawn area as the water pressure is less than half what it needs to be to be able to operate them. 4Lpm at 150kpa  it should be more than double that at least.  Not sure what we can do without paying out huge $$$ for a storage tank and pump system or subsurface drip system.  I still like the idea of watering the garden beds with  a retic setup.  Possibly a drip hose, I have to wait until I get a proper email from the retic man  to get the details.   Very disappointed.

No news on the ceiling solution yet.  Still like the first light below or something like it more than any other sort of light. Either with the chrome or a white surround.  As much as I would love to have more decorative lights at least for the main living room this light is more practical. There are already downlights (3), ceilings fans ( 2) and airconditioning vents (4).  The last thing the area needs is fussy, standout lights as well.

 I might consider something different and perhaps a little directional  for the office and perhaps something  prettier for the lounge however.

http://www.buyster.com.au/Oriel-Lighting-OL43207SC-ORI1015.html  not as keen on this one.

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