Saturday, April 25, 2009

DIY security service here.

The house from the front as of 25th of april.

We are doing a great job of providing additional security at the house. Well done us!

Went up this morning to check on some painted external doors that are not the right colour
( yet) and found a sliding door unlocked. So of course we had to go in and lockup. Seemed a shame not to take some photos while we had the chance so...

Tiler seems to have finished. Plumber has been in and installed taps and shower heads but bathroom floor drains are still to be installed. The "whirly bird" that was in the lounge room has disappeared. Perhaps the S.S. realised we weren't meant to have one.

Looking very neat and tidy below.
Painters have been in and retaped up the plastic to windows and cover taps and bathroom fittings so as not to get paint on them. Hopefully they'll be finished before next weekend and the plastic will be removed.

If you click on the photo below and let it open in a new window you can see the grey pattern on the tiles.

HUBBY checking out the width of the lounge room. I'm standing at the front door to take the picture. "Watching TV he said"
Trees to be removed. Anyone need any firewood?

View from the far back southwest corner of the block looking ne.
Hubby got a message from the s.s. yesterday asking if we wanted to keep the gravel that had been dug up when the leech drains were put in. Gravel?? Where? Looks like a pile of clay to us. NO thanks was our response. Hopefully this doesn't mean an additonal bill for removal.

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