Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Well the guys are back working on the roofing timbers as of Yesterday.. Yippee. S.S. says they'll be finished around mid next week and then the electrician will be in to make a mess of the internal bricks and trace all the electrical cabling in.
Depending on how long that takes and whether he also does the phone wiring and then depending on any other work the plumber needs to do for Hot water etc. We could actually have roofing on in a few weeks. Somehow I suspect it will be early Feb.

Our Bricks


Looking through the bedroom window and down the hall to the main living area.


BelleBeau said...

Hey KexKez,
I love your bricks, they look really great with the featured texture. Are you happy with them?
Good to see some movement too. Frustrating when you visit and nothing has happened isn't it?


kexkez said...

we are thrilled with how the bricks look. :) yes it was horrible to got 6 days with the place being empty of workers. Glad they weren't there in a way the day before as we had visitors down and were able to show them through the house which was exciting.

S.S. is in negotiation with the brickie atm over some brickwork he isn;t happy with. The steel Lintel? over the garage is thicker than standard mortar so when the brickie did the surrounding bricks they've ended up crooked and on one side the mortar is cracked. I think he wants to see if the brickie can cut the offending brisks down and re-lay them so the mortar line looks nice and straight. Fingers crossed it all works out. Great to know the S.S is on the case for us. And thanks to boliver who noticed it and made Hubby more keen to mention it. Though as it turned out the S.S. had already spotted it and was chasing up a solution.