Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Block minus some trees

The block looks a bit like a hurricane has hit. The developer has removed some trees and dragged them down to the back of the block.
We survived pre-start. It took nearly 4 hours to go through everything. Hopefully the "new kitchen" will work. We should get paperwork within the next 2 weeks to sign. Any last minute deletions have to be done then. In a couple of cases we've asked for pricings on several options for the same thing so that we can have the choice of a lesser priced variation. or... no variation at all if it all goes pear shaped.
Considering we were expecting pre-start to last around 2-3 hours it going on as long as it did was shocking. I didn't think we were that difficult. We had picked basically everything before we went in there. It's hard to believe that it took that much longer to sort out the kitchen.

Block has been given an S4 rating which is slightly better than an M rating but still not the cheapest possibility. This will mean some extra slab work and stablising but hopefully not too much. We did allow for some in the amount we planned for site works so hopefully it's more than enough.
Should have paperwork to sign soon and be at plate height by October.
Roll on slab pour!

We've changed our window and door colour to colorbond "charcoal" and the back doors will now be painted with wattyl's "weekender". A deepish blue.

We've also had some lovely news about the plum farm behind us. Rezoning failed! So it will be at least another 6 years before we have back neighbours. A mixed blessing really. We love the idea of having no neighbours to look on and be able to pretend it's all ours. Without any upkeep required. BUT we will have to live with another 6 years+ of an air cannon during fruiting season. This is a very loud explosion and it goes off a lot during the day.

We worked out that we can see horses in the far distance beyond the plum farm. Hubby thinks he saw some cows there the other day. We can certainly hear cows from the block but for how much longer we don't know. A few of the farms near by are being sold off and redeveloped.

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